The end of the world is a game of squabbling.

As HGTV’s Flip or Flop wraps up its 10thAnd final season, hosts Christina Haack and Tarek El Moussa One last argument was apparent. In a clip from the series’ very last episode—which air airs Thursday, March 17—the exes are inspecting a property that includes a rundown pool, which Christina, 39, compares to a sinkhole. 

“I hate dealing with flips that have a pool cause they can cost a fortune,” Tarek, 40, says of the project, which he estimates to cost $13,000 for pool repairs alone.

Christina reminds him, “But look on the bright side,” as he reluctantly admits a pool can increase the value of the home.

She added, “Yes we do, but also we get to design fun things, such as that cool glass tile.

Tarek interrupts her quickly, shaking his head, and then saying “no”.

Despite her ex’s shut down, Christina continues listing others ideas, including adding clay tiles inspired by the home’s Spanish style or even a waterslide.