Are you hungry? some chic fashion?

Chrissy Teigen offered a look at her maternity style in an Aug. 14 Instagram post. The author shared a selfie in which she can be seen rocking a half-up, half-down hair ‘do, a pair of strappy high wedges and a black blazer over a matching crop top and shorts, giving fans another peek at her baby bump as she posed for the picture.

The caption she added to the post was “The between stage is my worst stage” “Just be massive already, please  

Chrissy gave an acknowledgement to her entire team (including stylists). Alana Van DeraaMakeup artist Nova Kaplan and hairstylist Irinel De León, who tried to hide from the camera in the snapshot. 

“Also very much love @hairinel in this pic,” Chrissy added. We can’t wait to meet you, but don’t fret!

Chrissy shows her love to her glam squad not for the first time. Chrissy has shown her glam squad some love before. Lip Sync BattleHost credited all those who contributed to her appearance for the announcement of her pregnancy.