Chrissy TeigenAnd John Legend“The toddler son of a father” MilesAfter a serious health crisis, she is now on the mend.

The supermodel uploaded a picture of her 3-year-old daughter in waiting rooms at a National Health Services clinic or hospital in England on Thursday, December 23rd.

Chrissy said that Bear got a small bite and became infected. We thought it was deep splinter, but the ultrasound revealed nothing. Anyway, he’s all right!

She continued, “He took a small bite to his stomach that looked infected!” He’s all right now. My bear is doing well now!

On Tuesday, Dec. 21, Chrissy shared on Instagram several photos of the couple, Miles and daughter Luna, 5, on a pre-holiday trip to the United Kingdom, which included a pic of herself walking by a post office in an English village. The caption she gave to the photographs was “Missing teeth and marshmallows, tips [tea]Lentil soup and late-night noodles are all great options!