The ultimate lullaby.

While Chrissy TeigenCould not be happier to meet her husband John LegendOne fan is still not impressed by his Las Vegas show.

The 36-year old snapped sweet pictures of their son during the broadcast Miles sleeping through his dad’s set at the Zappos Theater at the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino on April 22. Posted to Chrissy’s her Instagram Stories, with the caption “lol,” the 3-year-old seen wrapped up in a houndstooth blanket and snoozing next to an ice bucket of champagne while John, 43, performed on stage.

Chrissy posted several moments of the big family event on social media. These included a glamour mirror selfie in which she shows off her pink halter gown, and a video where her husband plays the piano.

Earlier this month, Miles was wide awake at the Grammys 2022 He and his sister were together Luna, 6, made a surprise appearance at the award show. In the audience, John gave a Ukrainian tribute and photographed them hugging each other. Miles was dressed in a chic Gucci green suit for his Grammy debut.