They have not split since then. Chrishell Stause Jason OppenheimThey will become friends till the end.

To The Sunset Selling fans wondering about how the former couple—who called it quits in late December after five months of dating—are doing as exes who still work together, Chrishell says there’s absolutely nothing to worry about since they “worked through” their transitional period. 

“I am very proud to state that we are really good friends,” she stated during episode 022 of The Adam Carolla Show podcast. It was one of those splits where nobody is wrong. He’s an amazing guy.

Added Chrishell, who has been open about the fact that the two split because of differing plans for the future, “You know, I wanna have a family, I wanna have a kid—and he doesn’t, but everything else was great. It helps that he is a truly, very good person. We’re still really close and I’m actually proud of that relationship, where it’s like, you know what—it showed me what I want going forward because it was so great in every other sense.”