Chrishell StauseThe deal was closed on the internet.

It Selling SunsetStar took to Twitter to support same-sex marriage and shared a message AndWith a strong message to a user that criticized Chrishell’s ideas.

“MARRIAGE EQUALITY!!!” Chrishell stated in a July 19 tweet. “It is unbelievable that we ask this question in 2022. It feels like we have reached the twilight zone.”

This tweet was shared by one user. One commenter said, “Why is bcz now you a lesbian?” Chrishell replied, quipped back, “Veronica if you were happily getting laid I don’t think who I choose to sleep with would affect you in any way… because how weird.”

Chrishell is involved with a non-binary musician G FlipThen, he added: “So I will conduct a queer praying circle that you get off soon!”