“Happy Birthday to the greatest dad and most incredible human whose life continues to leave an incredible mark on everyone he touches,” she concluded. Toni, Cball, and I love you. 

Toni added a video clip that Toni captured as a child, singing in the back yard with her dad. Chris is playing his guitar as Toni encourages him to perform an acoustic song of Eminem And RihannaEnjoy “Love the Way You Lie”, a song by, written in 2010. 

Christopher, Toni’s younger brother joins the jam session but cannot pinpoint which verse he would like to sing. Chris admits, turning his head to smile at his son. But you are doing great! 

In the same video, Christopher can be seen talking with his mom Vicky Cornell about Eminem’s rap in the song. After the clip cuts, Christopher raps passionately to Eminem’s 2010 song “Not Afraid”, while his father plays his guitar next to him.  

His family continues to honour Chris’ legacy since Chris passed away in 2017. Together with The Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation and the Addiction Policy Forum Toni and Christopher launched the 2020 “Stop the Stigma!” educational campaign. Chris’s eldest child, Lily Cornell SilverWith whom he also shared a meal. Susan Silver, created an IGTV series titled Mind Wide Open about the importance of mental health.

Lily stated that “I have suffered from trauma and loss, and also struggled with anxiety/depression,” in a release at the time. It is important to know that every person has experienced mental illness at one time or another, even though society tends to dismiss it.