Chrishell StauseShe hopes to share her love with fans. 

The Selling SunsetStar, who shared her love with a non-binary musician G FlipLast week, she shared an Instagram video that addressed the questions of her followers about the relationship and the “deep connection” they share.

She began by saying that there was some “context missing” from the reunion episode because it was edited down to just an hour. 

“I just felt in this situation it might be nice to give some context,” Chrishell, 40, said. “At the moment I feel some of your confused, concerned or all of these things.

Chrishell said, “You don’t have the right to decide when someone enters your life.” Chrishell also stated that G Flip “opened up my eyes to what that potential future might look like” after her split from boss Jason Oppenheim last year. Chrishell believes she has many options in her future. She said, “I understand some of you will not agree with this but it’s about me.” Their heart is what it all comes down to.”