Chris Noth It is now online

The Just like that… star returned to Instagram on Feb. 16, breaking his months-long social media silence after multiple women publicly accused him of sexual assault and other misconduct. Noth uploaded a photo of his son, 14 years old, in his first posting since December. Orion playing basketball and wrote, “SWISH. It is thrilling to witness his passion for basketball grow.”

Noth, his second-youngest son, celebrated his birthday two days later Keats‘ second birthday by posting a short tribute to the tot. Alongside a picture of their shadows, the actor—he shares the boys with wife Tara Wilson—wrote, “Feb 18- Happy Birthday little Keats- you have brought light and blue skies into our lives!”

Two months later, his posts are here Hollywood Reporter Two women published their accounts of being sexually assaulted in 2005 and 2015. The outlet claims that the women, who were anonymous, did not know one another and reached out to each other to tell their stories.