Carrie Bradshaw will be defended by the knight in shining armor! 

Kim Cattrall Sarah Jessica Parker may be best friends on-screen in Sex and the City, but off-screen, they are anything but. Cattrall had previously expressed her disgust for Parker in 2017, 2018 and in this interview, with The Guardian, Chris Noth shared his take on Cattrall’s description of their shared co-star.

For a refresher: In an interview with Piers Morgan on Life Stories, Cattrall—who will not be joining her Sex and the City peers for the HBO Max reboot, And Just Like That…—called her relationship with Parker and the rest of the iconic Manhattan friend group, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, ‘”toxic” and said that she has “never been friends” with them.

Months later in 2018, when Cattrall’s brother tragically passed, Parker commentedOn Cattrall’s Instagram post, offering her condolences. Cattrall seemingly did not appreciate the social media support, as she took to Instagram to share a post directed at Parker, writing, “I don’t need your love or support at this tragic time @sarahjessicaparker.”

Cattrall wrote, “You’re not my family.” “You’re not my friend. “I’m writing you to remind you to not exploit our tragedy to try to restore your nice girl’ image.

Noth claims that he’s “protective” about Parker. However, he says Cattrall’s descriptions of Parker don’t even “come close” to what she’s like.