Chris Martin has found a new piece of paradise.

Nearly a year ago, I moved into an $12.5 million Malibu home. Dakota JohnsonCelebHomes News was told by a reliable source that there is a market for real estate in the area. ColdplayFrontman 44 has purchased another property in the region and sold the property.

According to an insider, Chris bought and sold Malibu property in December. He accepted an offer for $2 million less than the market price for his Nantucket-style house.

According to the source, Chris not only got the big bucks in the deal but was also able “to put the money towards a better and more desirable place for $14.4million.”

“He loves you.” [Malibu]”He has been buying properties in the area,” the insider says. The insider says that he knows the great returns on investments and enjoys the whole process.