You can’t beetThis.

Just in case Another You should be smitten with the Knives Out Star Chris Evans has proved to be just like the rest of us: binging The Office On Saturday.

“When Jim & Pam have a bad day, but at the end of this episode they leave each other messages discussing the same things. Good stuff,” Evans tweeted on Oct. 23. 

The romantic episode is about Jim (a long-distance husband) and Mary (a long-distance wife).John KrasinskiPam (Jenna Fischer(), who appear to be out of sync, when in fact their actions are mirroring one another. They end up leaving identical voicemails at the end. We can only imagine Evans as our soulmate.

Even The Office The cast couldn’t contain their excitement over Evans’ fandom. Krasinski reposted the post and added: Office GIF of himself as Jim doing jazz hands.