And, well, it sounds like they kept true to their word when the Marvel actor headed back home.  

“A couple days later, we left Korea. Chris explained that he was returning to the airport when he noticed a van following him. “Out of the van, 25-30 giants step. Giant Korean men in suits stand round me and hold hands. Then they walk me to the airport. 

Chris stood and mimicked the gesture of the men who held their hands as he was led through the airport.

There’s one catch: He admitted that “not one” fan had shown up, which was hilarious. “Nobody! It was me walking alone. It was like I said, “Oh my God!”  

According to the actor, he told the guards that he had tried to let them know he was okay but that they continued to lead him through security “through the gate and into the gate”.

Jokingly, he said that they had a mission!