We selected these products used by Cher and Saweetie because we think you’ll like their picks at these prices. Cher and Sawetie were paid as spokespeople by MAC Cosmetics. CelebHomes is an affiliate, which means that we might earn a commission for you purchasing something from our links. CelebHomes does not sell items. Prices correct at the time of publication.

Everyone knows what it is like to be glammed up and appear amazing at the bathroom mirror. When you leave your house, the mirror will ask “What happened my lipstick?” How did my makeup get so sweaty? It is something that has happened to the best of us, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Cher SaweetieMAC Cosmetics partnered up for the Challenge Accepted campaign. MAC cosmetics are long-lasting, high-quality makeup. They are great products if artists are able to perform for hours with their makeup intact. MAC products offer high performance and high quality and are sure to deliver for you.

The campaign shows the pair performing together, as well as other MAC customers doing the same. still This is the point. You can check out the campaign below and see what long-lasting products they are using.