CelebHomes is the name of this tour The Horny and Vaccinated. Are you still unvaccinated?

CH: Yeah, I’m just horny for one person now.

CelebHomes: Has your perspective on comedy changed at all now that you’re in a relationship?

CH:That doesn’t make you any less of yourself or your way of thinking. It’s definitely a part of my standup now, my relationship with him, because of my feelings towards men in general, just being a little bit slow on the uptake of what’s been happening the last few years. Jo came along at a moment where I had given up on men and I just thought, ‘Oh, my God, they’re all hopeless.’ And then I was reminded that they’re not all hopeless, that there are a lot of Jo Koys out there. So he has renewed my faith in men in many ways. This reminded me of the importance to not settle, and that people can be picky when they are in their 40s. It was something I always said, “Yes, I can.” I’m as flexible as my heart desires. It doesn’t matter if I have a man. So, regardless of whether or not I find a man, I have a wonderful life. This is a great lesson for women who haven’t found their partner yet. It reminds them to never lower their standards, because someone else will.