Chelsea HandlerHe is looking for the light in his heartbreak.

In an Instagram post, she announced that she had a new romantic relationship earlier in the week. Jo KoyThe war was over. It is over. Chelsea Lately host is opening up about the lessons she’s learned from the breakup.

On the radio, she stated that “I feel optimistic about future now.” Glennon Doyle is able to do difficult things podcast. I’ve seen so many changes. And I loved. “My love was so strong that it blew me away. And as hard as that can be, I am so skilled in therapy. I understand that every door that closes is a new beginning.

While Chelsea and Jo were close to celebrating their one-year anniversary, the pair decided together that it was best to take a break. The best-selling author will tell you that pressing pause is a powerful tool. 

Chelsea stated that she believed that it was important to have courage and grounding to tell the truth that something wasn’t working. Glennon Doyle. You are inviting things in that will be easier to work with and more suited for your needs.