Though Charlie and Sam were initially hesitant to speak out, Kristin says, “As they had more and more distance from this relationship with Jerry and they were able to see more objectively what had happened to them and how it affected them, they became more and more clear about the fact that they had been victims.”

Charlie recalls, “One morning I saw Jerry be recognized by President Biden. And that’s what made me lose it.” “I was so angry at my mother that I went to her house and said, “I’m going to do something.”

Kristin had reported Jerry twice to the U.S. All Star Federation in 2020, but they allegedly didn’t follow up. So, she additionally reported Jerry to the FBI in August, before reaching out to USA Today reporters Tricia NadolnyAnd Marisa KutowskiAccording to them, they were looking into allegations of misconduct in cheerleading when Kristin connected with them.