Embodying a real-life figure is no small feat—especially when that person is a murderer.

But Renée Zellweger makes it look criminally easy on NBC’s new limited series Pam’s Best Thing, premiering March 8. Like so many actors before her—from Darren CrissIn American Crime StoryYou can find more information here Hayden PanettiereIn Amanda Knox: Amanda Knox Murders on Trial—Zellwegger completely transformed into a true crime figure. 

The Oscar winner donned a body suit, prosthetics, and a bobbed wig to portray convicted killer Pam Hupp, whose case garnered national attention after a Dateline episode and corresponding podcast were released.

The makeover process was intense, with Zellwegger telling CelebHomes News that it initially took the team a whopping four hours to complete. After they got to grips with it, Zellwegger said, “We whittled the process down to about two.” 

You know that they have a mind all their own. Zellwegger spoke of prosthetics. “If everybody cooperates —the cheeks are feeling like playing nice, the nose, and everything. It took a few hours.