We will be there, big bow. Hello, mohawk!

Nickelodeon’s star posted her boldest hairstyle on TikTok on July 12, posting a tutorial. 

“Since the mohawk is getting a lot of reviews—some good some ehh, the opposite—I thought I’d show you guys how I did it,” she explained. The basic idea is that I simply teased my hair one at a time and then applied the spray. Tease, spray, tease, spray, tease, spray. I used a hair comb. Some clips were used at different points. It’s very easy.”

The 19-year old posted another video to defend her rocker style after it received mixed reviews. Siwa stated, “I think that my hair looks cool.” It’s my mom’s opinion and it is cool. Her mom is in the background. Jessalynn Siwa yelled, “F–k them haters!”