Nate Archibald forever: Three words and twenty letters 

Chace CrawfordHe was reunited to his former partner Gossip Girl co-star Penn BadgleyDan Humphrey (a.k.a Chace) to reflect upon their time in New York City as New York City royals while they were filming for the CW series. Chace was the Golden Boy Nate Archibald’s character on the series. She said their lives were completely transformed during filming. The actors had to adapt to new reality after the finale of the 2012 series.

“We were all… trying to find our way,” Chace told Penn in a July 13 episode of his podcast Podcrushed. It was not a common way of meeting, making relationships, or even getting to know girls. The intensity was overwhelming, man. It was intense.

According to the 36-year old, it was like an athlete, a quarterback, or somebody getting hurt and having their career end like that. It’s like your identity has been taken from you.