Because we like Solange Franklin’s picks, we interviewed her. Solange was paid to endorse some of these products. CelebHomes may earn a commission from you if your purchase is made through one of our affiliate links. CelebHomes does not sell the items.

‘Tis the season to shop smarter, not harder.

When it comes to finding on-trend fashion and designer products at discounted prices, Marshalls is a style devotee’s dream.

Celebrities are stylists because of this. Solange Franklin, has partnered with Marshalls to help people bring the “runway to the real way.” 

CelebHomes News exclusive: “I love Marshalls because I want to be fashionable while having a good cup of coffee.” There’s no guilt about shopping here because it’s easy to find your daily fall fashion or your elevated fashion for a fraction of the price. This is something I think it’s important to know.