T.I. Tiny Harris’ Funny Charades Dance Moves Guessed

Prepare for an epic rap battle unlike any other.

Kevin Hart has assembled some of hip-hop’s biggest stars and their significant others for the latest showdown on CelebHomes’s Celebrity Game Face. This preview shows the episode’s July 12th episode. T.I. and wife TinyDo not be intimidated T-PainAnd his wife Amber Najm plus Rick RossAnd girlfriendPretty VeeFor one funny dance competition.

Tiny is the first to try a new move, while Tiny plays “Name That Dance”. Some of the dance moves are real and some are made up by Hart, making the challenge even trickier.

After Tiny easily gets T.I. Tiny is now able to correctly guess “The Dougie”, and “The Baby Walk”, but she must get up on her hind legs to search for “The Itchy Dog.”

She yells at “The Whoa” when she reaches “The Whoa”, “I don’t know how do this!”

After passing on “The Whoa,” T.I. Tiny gets one correct guess on “The Dinosaur”