Newborns and infants soak up impressions like a sponge, so it’s extremely important to put them in surroundings that will not confuse them and that help ease them into the world of childhood without undue stress and anxiety. Celebrity nursery designers in 2019 are suggesting that babies will especially enjoy and respond positively to a more rustic decor in their rooms. A decor that suggests calmness, simplicity, and an outdoor connection that will help them appreciate the pleasing physical aspects of the brand new world they now inhabit. Nursery design should always have comfort and stability in mind, and a rustic setting for the newborn is the ideal way to achieve that.

The Daphne Oz baby nursery features warm brown earth tones and unvarnished pine wood paneling to simulate an outdoor experience among evergreens. It’s a rustic feel that comforts both mother and child as they spend time bonding in this special room.

Tori Spelling chose to emphasize the rustic bliss of natural lakes and streams when she redid her nursery with a blue aqua theme that mimics a lakeshore environment. The nursery room never seems to become too warm or stuffy that way.

You don’t have to be a celebrity yourself, or have a celebrity’s pocketbook in order to have an authentic rustic nursery for your infant. Try a large glass potpourri of pinecones and a few live plants (such as succulents) in the nursery as a start.