Your next television obsession? Or, in reality, your next eight TV binges.

CelebHomes News will be celebrating Black History Month throughout the month. This is a great time to spotlight some of the Black talent that has been dominating small screens. The first is Abbott ElementaryIt is a. Mindy KalingThe series has been approved by teachers and is a positive sign. ABC created the series ABC. Sketch Show by A Black LadyAlum Quinta BrunsonThis documentary follows passionate teachers who try to support their students at an underfunded school.

And, as Brunson told CelebHomes News back in December, the show was inspired by her mom, who was a school teacher in Philadelphia before retiring. It’s a comedy. “I want [viewers]She shared that she wanted them to be present with their teachers. I want them to have a good time with their teachers. It shouldn’t be necessary for them to perform their jobs. That would be amazing.