30. Her Majesty is the monarch to 14 countries in addition to the U.K. She is also Head of Commonwealth, which consists of 54 countries.

31. However, these are just a few of her many roles. She is also the Head of State and Head of Nation, Head of Armed Forces and Sovereign of Garter.

32. The Head of State is Her Majesty’s responsibility to be neutral about political issues. Her Majesty is therefore not allowed to vote in elections. The website of the royal family explains that the monarch has formal and ceremonial roles in the U.K. government. These include opening new sessions and authorizing proclamations and orders through the Privy Council. She can also appoint a prime minster and meet with him or her regularly.

33. In May 2021, the queen opened Parliament for the 67th time—having opened it every year of her reign except 1959 and 1963 (when she was pregnant and expecting Prince Andrew and Prince Edward).

34. The job of Her Majesty includes audience, which is one-on-1 meetings. According to the royal family’s website, there are more than 170 ambassadors and high commissioners in London at any given time, and the monarch will have an audience with each one shortly after the individual has assumed the role. The prime minister also meets with her weekly to discuss matters related to government.

35. 2016 was the year that she had been crowned. more than 660 investitures (an event that awards honors to individuals for their achievements, bravery or services to the U.K. and British oversea territories).

36. Her Majesty is the patron of more than 600 people.

37. However, her reign was not without its critics. Following the 1997 death of Princess Diana, Her Majesty came under fire for her initial decision to stay at Balmoral Castle in Scotland instead of traveling back to London. She also refused the British flag flying at half-mast. This didn’t occur until Diana’s funeral.  The monarch later addressed the Princess of Wales’ death in a televised statement.

She said, in part: “I loved and respected her because of her energy and dedication to others,” and “especially her devotion to her boys.”