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International Women’s Day – Happy!

We celebrate today’s female spirit and the many women who make a difference in our world. However, it is important to use each day as an opportunity for women to be uplifted and celebrated. In honor of International’s Women’s Day, several brands have come out with limited collections that are definitely worth checking out. For instance, Smash + Tess partnered with Barbie to release a super cute exclusive collection designed to “inspire girls and women around the world to know that they can truly be anything.” Old Navy’s Project WE Women’s History Month 2020 also launched. It features artwork that celebrates the strength of women. 

We have 28 gift ideas that empower feminists, no matter if you are a passionate one or if they happen to be in your circle. This collection of feminist items will make it easy to recognize the women you love, whether they are in sweatshirts or puzzles, motivational books, action figures, or even puzzles.