We interviewed Cash Warren because we think you’ll like his picks. Some of the products shown are from his own product line, Pair of Thieves. CelebHomes may earn a commission from you if your purchase is made through one of our affiliate links. CelebHomes is not responsible for the sale of items.

Anyone who claimed that men aren’t gift-givers is untrue Cash Warren.

The father of three knows how a great present can make the holiday season extra special. Cash, the founder of Pair of Thieves and co-founder of Pair of Thieves knows that holiday shoppers shouldn’t forget about an essential men need.

Cash said that men typically keep underwear for 7 years. That’s six more years than they should. Pair of Thieves produces products that men need and love. Even though opening up a pair or underwear socks may seem boring, it will make you smile and be grateful.

Cash is a master of gift-giving. Check out his impressive selections below.