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Whether you’re an experienced cook or if you’re just starting out, it’s always smart to have a go-to ingredient in your home that can easily take any recipe to the next level. Hellmann’s Spicy Mayonnaise dressing will make your life much easier. Casey WilsonCelebHomes spoke to the brand recently, saying, “They have new spicy mayonnaise, and I’m very excited about it.” This can spice up any dish and enhance the flavor of every meal. This is how I prepare asparagus. It’s what I am enjoying with my french fries. It is truly multifunctional. There is nothing better.

The flavor was also described by her in a vivid and hilarious way. She said, “Some people really like heavy spices, where you have to cough because they are so spicy.” For me, I prefer medium spice levels like in a spicy margarita. For everyone, this spicy mayo works well.

It Get Bitch Sesh Podcast host, who has been an avid fan for the brand his whole life, emphasizes, “I am only human.” I am not a monster. Since I was able to walk, I have loved mayo and Hellmann’s mayo. 

Hellmann’s Spicy Mayonnaise dressing will give you a kick to your recipe. Casey shared with us her favourite cookbooks and her kitchen tricks. She even gave her opinion on the Real Housewives. She would be a great cook for a star chef.