It appears like Casey AffleckYou are ready to make it official.

The 6th of March will be Sunday. Manchester by the SeaActor with his girlfriend Caylee CowanThey were photographed after a meal in Beverly Hills. They were spotted after having dinner in Beverly Hills, Calif. Sunrise is Heaven actress was wearing a gold band and round diamond on her ring finger—as seen in photos obtained by Page Six.

Caylee (23-year-old Casey) and Casey (46) have not confirmed that they are engaged. The couple never fail to take a moment and express their love publicly. Casey called Caylee “magurl” over an Instagram post shared this weekend.

The couple became official on Instagram thanksgiving day 2021. Oscar Winner Caylee shared pictures of them donating blood and he gushed about his “love”. 

Casey said that @cayleecowan had shown up. She isn’t on Love’s active list, but she IS MY Love and always shows up when it matters.