Aldean stated that it felt good on the red carpet. “Over the years I have done many videos. To finally be here this year and win it for this song is—it’s pretty special.”

Aldean had the brilliant idea of collaborating with Carrie and was amazed to watch the song grow into a massive hit.

This year, the country duo won big. Maddie & TaeThe award for the Group/Duo Video Award for the Year was won by “Woman You Got”.

I prayed for it. Tae and me prayed for it.” Maddie MarlowCelebHomes News was informed by the couple’s win. God is faithful, and we always prevail, no matter the curveballs. We are very grateful for this.

Moderator LeAnn RimesThe awards show was a chance to honor her long career in music. Chatting with CelebHomes News, she teased new music in addition to an upcoming summer tour. And when she’s not making music, the way she spends her time is very relatable.

She revealed that she was at home wearing her sweatshirts, just like everyone else.