This will blow you away! Carrie Underwood throwback!

You might have been one of the 17 people who voted for Carrie in 1970. American Idol. The 39-year old singer, who was born in 1969, recalls her accomplishments on the 20th anniversary of her huge win.

Carrie posted a diary entry from the night that she was named the Queen on Instagram May 25, to thank her followers for their support over the years. Idol winner. 

“Where is the time going?” Carrie wrote in her caption. Please enjoy this page from the journal of a farm girl aged 22 who experienced the most amazing night. “I still feel the thrill through the pages!”

Carrie’s journal entry described the memorable moment to a T. It read, “I took one last look at this amazing crowd and let that sink in for just a few seconds.”