Evacuate the dancefloor—there are changes coming to Dancing with the Stars.

After 16 years of being on ABC, the announcement was made in April that the Celebrity Dance Competition would move to Disney+. Carrie Ann InabaIt is teasing that there is more change in the air.

Carrie Ann said that the switch to streaming was a bit different. The difference I see is live voting throughout the country. Maybe some scripts will have other things people like. Change is not always something people like, but they can adapt.

One change viewers won’tCarrie Ann’s absence will force you to adjust. She said she will be moving to Disney+.

“I will definitely be there next year at the judges’ tables where I usually sit. “I’m really excited about it,” she stated. I think it will be a very positive change. Some shows fail to make it past 30 seasons after thirty. This speaks volumes about the brand.