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Reebok drops are always a welcome surprise. Cardi B. Her latest capsule called “Let Me Be… In My World Nighttime” is inspired by the bright lights and vibrant skyline of New York City. According to the rapper, nighttime in New York City is a magical, beautiful experience. I am happy to bring this magic to life through my Reebok Collection.

Superstar shared that these pieces can be worn from street to club and still make you feel confident, unique, and comfortable. These pieces will make you feel like you are the best you can be when you put them on!

Cardi B is as vibrant as her latest collection, which features playful metallics, color blocking, and fun materials. These pieces are in sizes 2XS-4XL, so you can make an impact with your style. Some pieces are unisex, while shoes are available in children’s sizes.