You may still be reeling from last week’s episode Below Deck Sailing Yacht, just know that Captain Glenn ShephardYou can, too.

Viewers were hit with a “to be continued…” message on March 21 just as the crew began to realize that Parsifal III and everybody on board were in danger. Now, Capt. Glenn looks back on what went wrong. 

CelebHomes News exclusively told him that “the whole thing had been such a nightmare.” He said that the boat was hit by a storm, which is an unexpected windstorm that seemed to appear out of nowhere. It was extremely windy and “the person supposed to be watching out” became very distracted. [was] a massive disappointment,” Glenn said.

He is referring to deckhand Tom PearsonCaptain Glenn, who was anchorwatch at the time, praised his colleagues for their efforts and said that he didn’t need to dwell on them. Glenn instead commended the rest of the crew for stepping up: “Everybody else pretty much—especially Gary [King] and Colin [Macrae]—did an amazing exemplary job.”