Natasha BureShe has defended her mother.

She is a 23-year-old daughter to Candace Cameron BureA fiery message was posted by, to her Instagram Stories JoJo SiwaCandace posted, “Rudeest Celebrity” that she’d ever seen after Candace had performed.

Natasha said in an Instagram Story, July 28, that “Respectfully” means someone who says ‘no to taking photos with you is not having a rough experience. Us Weekly. “This generation has so much intelligence and no backbone”

According to reports, Natasha advised JoJo, 19, to “grow up,” and added, “There are larger issues in the world than this.”

JoJo had said that Natasha experienced a “rough time” during her relationship with JoJo. The Full HouseMany years ago, star. JoJo stated that she was 11 years old and was a huge fan. She wanted to get a photo with me, but it was not a great time. Page six

JoJo had posted her first TikTok labelling Candace “rude” and the actress responded on Instagram by posting a clip of her own. JoJo stated that she called JoJo to clarify her feelings because she “no clue” what JoJo was feeling.