Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Saget and Cameron Bure were the father-daughter pair Danny Tanner (D.J. Tanner on the late ‘80s-early ‘90s sitcom Voll House and on the 2016-2020 spinoff Fuller House. Saget was just 10 when Saget first came to her aid. Voll HouseThe pilot episode.

“Bob is so tall, you know, he’s 6’4,” Cameron Bure said. “And I was 10 years old, but he kneeled down to me and got eye to eye with me and he said, ‘Hi, I’m Bob,’ and, ‘I’m going to be your dad. I’m playing your dad, so I want you to feel comfortable,’ and, ‘We’re going to be friends.’ And he was just so warm and inviting, and it really kicked off an incredible 35-year friendship.”

Cameron Bure was able to turn to Saget like a parent. She recalled that Saget was always emotionally accessible and was the first man in her life to see him cry or have these emotions at the forefront. He would share your pain if you were in need. He would let his tears flow down his face. Bob is an extraordinary person. I have never known a friend like him, which makes it even more difficult.