The new comedy cast Get downAccording to my co-star, it was not a big deal playing with friends who behave like “a—holes.” Sam Jay.

Jay stated that Jay and his wife are “terrible people” during an interview with CelebHomes News. We laugh at things that we are not supposed to.

Peacock’s new streaming series follows the misadventures and four co-workers at a casino. The show is hosted by comedians, real-life buddies, and can be viewed online. Jak Knight, Saturday Night Live‘s Chris Redd, Langston KermanJay. The show touches on some serious topics (infidelity, workplace sexual assault and issues facing the Black community, to name a few) through a hilarious lens.

Knight stated that “all the stories are somewhat based on truth, from Jak in the pilot to the events in 102.” We don’t look for stories; we tell each other stories.”

It’s not true! EverywhereRedd joked that while the show’s storyline is true, it was built on reality. It’s my monster character!