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As much as we adore Free People’s cool, boho chic styles and would gladly fill our closet with anything and everything from the brand, our budget doesn’t exactly allow for that sort of thing. Free People lovers have the good news that there are many stores and brands offering clothing and accessories very similar to what you will find here. We’ve put together a list that includes the most affordable stores we can recommend.

Lulus, for example, has many trendy shoes, dresses and other accessories that will suit any style. If you’re looking for Free People-like styles, Lulus has a boho collection that features flowy dresses, stylish jumpsuits and colorful printed kimonos that are a little more affordable than Free People. You can also find chic items at great discounts throughout the year.  

Below are a few more stores similar to Free People you might be interested in. You can check them out here.