An Old Version Brooke Shields interviews don’t exactly glow in the modern light. 

She is speaking out about the harsh treatment she suffered from the press four decades ago, when she had to meet with journalists and host of talk shows. In a conversation with Dax Shepard And Monica PadmanTheir Armchair ExpertPodcast. The actor is referring to an Interview Barbara Walters The young supermodel was called “maddening” by Brooke. Brooke agreed. 

On the Dec. 6, episode, she stated that “it’s practically illegal.” It isn’t journalism. The interview was conducted between Brooke, Barbara, and they did not give any details about the time. However, Brooke posted a clip of their one-on-one sit down. and “But what about the people who say she had no childhood—and accuse you [points to mom Teri Shields]. “You took her childhood away.”

Brooke was shocked to see how Brooke answered her interview questions. Brooke said, “They never wanted to hear my answer.” She said, “They desired their point of view.”