It all comes down to 2022 Met Gala, Britney SpearsIt was not possible to travel all the way. 

In a May 28 Instagram post, the “Gimme More” singer, 40, explained that she skipped the fashion event of the year (which was held on May 2) in favor of a cozy night in at home with her furry friends.  

She wrote, “I was going to the Met Gala. But instead, I got into the tub with my canine friend and put on my pjs.” “I hate flying !!!” 

The Met Gala was the first time that this singer has attended, despite being under conservatorship by a court order. 

Britney posted the caption along with a silent video in which she held up her pet cat, and danced in a red jumpsuit printed with Cheetah Prints. Why? Why?  

Britney has recently adopted a cute puppy called “Brittney” from a rescue group. Sawyer back in February 2022. She also owns a Doberman named PorschaThe Maltese-named? Lacey, a Yorkie named Hannah And a cat.