Officers arrived at the scene to contact Jason. They discovered that Jason had an outside county warrant. The officer placed him under arrest. According to police, they are continuing an investigation into what happened at the location and whether his actions were in violation of any laws.

Napa County Sheriff Department PIO Henry WoffordCelebHomes News confirmed that Jason is under arrest. Each of these charges is felony, the one for grand theft would exceed $400. The second charge is felony for buy/receive stolen property. Both alleged incidents occurred on Aug. 1, 2015.

CelebHomes News reached Jason to get his opinion but has yet to hear back. Jason doesn’t appear to have an attorney. 

Britney’s attorney Mathew RosengartCelebHomes News spoke out saying, “I look forwards to working closely together with law enforcement to ensure that he’s prosecuted to its full extent.” “This intrusion has made me mad.”