It turns out that Bridgertonstar Simone Ashley It isGo to dancing. One last time.

After dazzling viewers—and of course, Jonathan Bailey‘s Anthony Bridgerton—on the second season of the hit Netflix series, the actress is starring as the diamond in ODESZAThe new song video for “Love Letter” by Simone. While Simone is experienced in being the object of desire as Kate Sharma, she finds herself to be the bane of others’ existence in the four-minute visuals.

Playing a woman named Iyla Chhaya, the 27-year-old faces endless rejection despite putting her best efforts in everything she tries. Even after partaking in a FootlooseDance classes and lessons in karate with an esoteric dance style Cobra Kai actor Yuji OkumotoHer character does not impress, and she is rejected from all her attempts to pursue her.

At one point, she even dabbles in tracking down aliens, but is met with an extraterrestrial message reading: “Not interested at this time.” Ouch!