The good news is that it turned out Nicola Coughlan could’ve been seen on screen wearing a sailor suit instead of a ball gown.

The Bridgerton BuzzFeed reported that star had originally auditioned to play Robin. Stranger ThingsYears later, Penelope Featherington was booked. While it is unfortunate fans didn’t see Nicola join the Steve’s Scoops Ahoy crew, Nicola shared that, after seeing Maya Hawke take on the Stranger Things Maya was far more than she ever imagined.

She said, “It is a great lesson for actors: Look at the stuff that you didn’t understand, because it will make you completely understand why it isn’t personal.”

Nicola stated, “You are just right for certain things”, and “you’re not right to do other things.”

As for being cast on BridgertonNicola told her that she believed the chance was too good to miss. Then she told The New York Times in March that she was even cautious about the casting, saying, “I should have been like, ‘This is amazing.’ The casting was a risky one, so I thought, “This looks fishy.” “I don’t know anything about that.