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You thought you knew what? Golda Rosheuvel‘s depiction of Queen Charlotte on Bridgerton was almost You can alsoThis is convincing. Interview with Tatler, Rosheuvel revealed that her mother was tight with the Royal family—which ultimately made it easier for her to step into her character’s shoes. Er, It is possible to do so., heels.

She explained that she didn’t have to research much because she knew where the character was from. “It was my mom’s world so it makes her easy to play.”

She explained, “Everytime I dress up in Queen Charlotte, it is a tribute to my mom.” Their world was quite public, and they used to have butlers long before World War II. Colet Court’s headmaster was my grandfather. [St Paul’s prep school]My great-uncle, Bishop of Barbados and later Archbishop in Jamaica was my grandmother. She had dinner with him when I visited my mother there. Princess Margaret.”