The cast of Bridgerton has heard your jokes about their romps in the garden and frankly, they don’t mind. 

The stars actually find them kind of delightful because, for one, it’s sparked a discussion about what For women want. And in an industry that is largely dominated by men, it’s refreshing to feature a female perspective. 

“There are many people who will say, Oh yeah, Bonkerton!’ Jonathan Bailey (Anthony Bridgerton) said in the March issue of Entertainment Weekly.The female gaze is important, because it’s one of many communication methods used by people to communicate via sex. Inversions of sexuality are important and it’s crucial that people are not exploited through the telling of sex.

Actress Nicola Coughlan thinks it’s even more compelling to have a sex-positive series that’s set in the Regency era. “It’s about going back in history and asking them, ‘What was their want and desire?’ The Irish actress Penelope Featherington, a.k.a. Lady Whistledown, shared her thoughts. Lady Whistledown. They weren’t just one-dimensional needleworkers. They were real people with lives, wants, needs, and emotions.