Sorry fellas, Megan Fox is taken. She’s actually been taken for awhile, if you haven’t been stalking her as of late! Fox married an actor, who also happens to be a rapper. His name’s Brian Austin Green. Better recognize! The Hollywood duo got hitched in 2010. And, they’re packing cargo; 3 children. This may very well be the reason why Fox doesn’t have anything currently lined up after Michael Bay’s take on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As for the hubby, Green has a recurring role in “Anger Management” and is involved in a movie titled “Last Stop.”

It’s said that the couple are ready for more space. They may also be ready for more cheddar! Fox and Green listed a house on the market about a month ago for $3.995 million, which is alittle over $1 million more than what they bought the towering 5,385 sq ft residency at. The home in LA consists of 3 levels. The second floor provides access to balcony views and big outdoor entertainment spaces, while the topmost floor is where an adequately sized patio can be found.

Other amenities to be had are library room, office, kitchen (window opens up to a full landscape view), romantic formal dining, breakfast area, game room/screening room, fireplace, 2-car garage, and pool. Floor plan includes 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.

Address: 2771 Glendower Ave, Los Angeles CA 90027