Believe it or not, Marilyn’s original costume for her memorable “Diamond’s Are a Girl’s Best Friend” performance in Gentleman Prefer Blondes was a lot more scandalous—it entailed a diamond bustier and matching panties. However, the studio wanted William Travilla to tone it down, per Marilyn at Fashion. The legendary hot pink strapless gown became his next masterpiece and was a huge success.

The design was made of a satin fabric that sparkled alongside the heavy layers of diamonds Marilyn wore for the film. Its backside included a massive bow, lined in black velvet, for added oomph. Matching gloves, measuring opera length and reaching all the way to her arms (the drama!) and studded open-toe pumps tied it all together.

This is its shining star. Madonna Marilyn was the inspiration for Marilyn’s 1985 “Material Girl Music Video” and she recreated the entire set, from the fashion to music number.