Braunwyn Windham-BurkeShe is filming her shot. 

At Jill ZarinThe Hamptons’ Luxury Luncheon on July 16, Real Housewives of Orange County alum revealed she’s currently crushin’ on Potomac Housewife Ashley Darby.

Braunwyn told CelebHomes News that Ashley was my favourite because of her hot looks and the fact she is single. I’m not saying anything, but we are both single. Ashley, you heard it first.

She said, “That’s a CelebHomes exclusive. So am I, you’re single. “Hit me up on my DM”

Earlier this month, Braunwyn announced that she and her girlfriend of nine months, Victoria BritoIt is officially divided. 

Braunwyn told CelebHomes News exclusively that she was very sorry and wouldn’t hide it. This is my longest ever relationship, and it’s heartbreaking.

Braunwyn, 44, came out in late 2020, and documented much of her journey with her sexuality on season 15 of RHOC. Her husband is also there Sean BurkeYou can remain married with seven children.