They are here!

Botched returns to CelebHomes on Tuesday, Jan. 25,And if this supersized trailer is any indication of the cases to come, Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul NassifYou should be ready for anything, as they are about to have a wild ride. 

For starters, there’s one patient looking for not a boob job but a “boob career,” and another who claims to have “a ball sack” on her foot. 

And elsewhere, another BotchedAccording to the surgeons, hopeful says, “I am a costly bitch. I don’t care if you don’t like me bitch.”

Dr. Nassif’s response? He confesses, “I believe I’m kinda a cheap butch.” 

Then there are the more heart-wrenching cases. As one woman tells the BotchedCameras, I lost my whole upper lip. I was stripped of my identity.”

A disfigured woman and a patient who almost died are two other patients who have turned to their doctors for life-changing surgery.