It’s more shocking than ever.

BotchedCelebHomes returns tonight (Jan. 25, 2010) as well as our top plastic surgeons, Drs. Terry DubrowAnd Paul NassifPromise cases unlike any other.

Terry spoke exclusively to CelebHomes News, “This season’s unique because it doesn’t just fix plastic surgery done for cosmetic purposes. It also fixes plastic surgery that was performed for trauma, cancer, and congenital defects.”

Paul calls this season “transformational, freaky, weird and just kind of shocking,” adding, “What’s unusual about this season is we’re seeing things we’ve never seen before.” 

Terry said, “For instance, one lady goes to a dermatologist for a small spot under her nose. He thinks it might be a bit of skin cancer.” She was left without anything underneath her nose for a few hours, as he kept moving forward. Her entire upper lip gone. It’s out of sight. Imagine if they held up the mirror to her, and she saw nothing.